Yorkshires 3 Peaks – Fog,Rain,Puddles,Cold and Great Company

25 miles of wonderful company and dreadful weather. Its been about 6 years since i walked the Three Peaks it is still a long way and still hilly (x3). I am going to betray my British roots and not bang on about the weather (much). Suffice to say it was the opposite of nice. We took about 12.5 hours to complete the walk. I feel that I was definitely held up by some of my less able comrades (hmmm) . I learn something new every time I go out and Saturdays lesson was – you may look like a dick in gaiters but they can be useful. I came to this conclusion after the torrential rain bypassed the gortex membrane in my boots by going via the northern route – down me bleedin leg. There was an audible squelch with every step and I  wasn’t the only one.

When the cloud cover cleared the scenery in this area is truly beautiful and yet again I feel very lucky to live in this area. I am looking at doing the coast to coast walk at some point – watch this space. In the meantime I will be out on some shorter walks , with my gaiters – watch out girls !

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