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Day 67

60 miles

After a restful night in Eric’s garden we enjoyed breakfast with him and Mary-Ellen. They are very kind and interesting people. They were both keen to know more about MSF which is fantastic. 

We left about 0815 and made good progress east as Eric said we would. There is a long downhill section near the start. I remapped the plan for today as a better route became clear as we progressed. 

We passed through more lovely countryside but later the area turned to industry, specifically coal mining a very topical issue in the forthcoming election as Hillary Clinton Has said its pretty much a dead industry. Donald Trump is playing the populist card with a certain section of society and is promising coal miners a rosy future. 

We have about 160 miles to go now and I feel a bit panicky. I don’t want this to end. In truth it has to for a number of reasons but I will miss this extraordinary free life immensely. 

We made our camp in the forest set back from the road a way. Tracey cooked food while I picked us some berries. We have eaten and are now settled in our sleeping bags with the noise of the woods all around us . It is beautiful. 

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