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Today has been a short day as I walked a bit further yesterday. It has however been a very nice one. I had shall we say an ‘ interesting’ night. About 1900 wild pigs came to drink at a stream near to where I was camping. I heard a lot of snorting and splashing but they ran away when I tried to see them. I suppose I would if someone came to observe me in the bath.

At 0200 I was woken by footsteps in the leaves, this is quite scary when you are in a tent . It is a very vulnerable situation. The steps circled the tent to the side with the door, I had to do something so I opened the door and shone my torch. Two gleaming yellow eyes about 5 feet away stared back at me. The young fox had come looking for food but had found only a quivering Vegan. Its disappointment was palpable.

After a breakfast of beans and tofu sausages I set off. Within the hour I saw a bird of prey land on, loose hold of and then chase into the woods a rabbit. This was an amazing sight ,I kind of hope the rabbit won.

I arrived in Montbard about 1330 and am in the very comfortable BandB you see above. I have enjoyed a wander around Parc Buffon and the centre of the town. I will be having an early night tonight as Im quite tired. Hopefully no yellow eyes at 0200 tonight.


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