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A painful but also nice walk from Clabecq. We are on the way to the town of Mons. It is about 18km from the woods we are now camping in. The latitude location in the map is a few km off.

The terrain has changed quite a lot since we left Brussels. It’s been quite hilly- the first since we began walking.

We walked along what will be just about our last canal today. They have been fantastic navigational aids. We saw some water rescue dogs training today. They swim out into the canal and drag back the casualty . Very impressed.

We passed through Ronquieres where a party was in full swing with a band and stilts performers . We sat on some church steps and watched the proceedings .

Man of the day – Jack Houssa family from Dewsbury and Belgium. Thanks Jack for the tips on the route to Mons. It was a pleasure to meet you. Yorkshiremen have to stick together.

Thank you also once again to PREMIER TELECOMS whose support allows me to blog daily.

On to Mons tomorrow , not far to the French border now .

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