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A magnificent day walking for about 20 of 29km through forest. Beautiful views and at one point a deer ran into the path, looked most put out by our intrusion and carried on.

Hot and clear again to add to the bizarre looking tans. Face, neck and forearms deeply tanned with White watch straps & White walking pole straps on the back of each hand. It’s all the rage in Paris I hear.

Camping on a farm tonight, I watched the sun go down over some fields and contemplated the last few weeks. It’s a truly remarkable time one which we will always cherish.

We head on tomorrow, another night in the woods which is fine and then into Sant Quentin and a hotel.

Ongoing gratitude to Premier Telecoms for keeping me sane and in touch. It really hit me tonight how important communication to the site and home can be. I owe you guys – big.

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