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We crossed the border into France today. There was a distinct lack of ceremony, it’s almost like they weren’t expecting us. We just walked through some woods, down a road , I looked at the map and there we were.

We are now camping in some woods near Hon Hergies (photo above) about 3km north of Bavay. We have just finished a lovely spaghetti meal with mushrooms and corn. No wine tonight, no shops all day in fact.

It’s going to be an early night as we are camping in a national park tomorrow and want to get sorted early. Feet feeling a little better today and all is going well with the walk. I see donations continue to be put onto the justgiving site. Fantastic, thank you all.

Thanks to Peter at Bluestone Branding in Starbeck who is sending me another 2 pack covers after working his magic with the sponsors names etc. Peter I really appreciate it. Loads of people have stopped us after seeing the one I have. A great job.

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