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Day 60

51 miles

Today’s ride was pretty straight forward, 51 miles setting us up for the run to Csmbridge tomorrow.

There isn’t too much to report as Sunday is pretty quiet here. People head to and from church which makes the roads a little busy in places but it was fine. 

We passed nice houses and wide open fields brimming with corn. 

We arrived in Lancaster at a very reasonable 1330 so we will be relaxing a little after doing our daily clothes wash. As you can see its day 60 today,  this is a big deal, it means we only have 9 more days on the bike to New York. We actually roll into the city on the 11th but will camp in New Jersey for a couple of days to keep costs down. 

I’m very pleased that the plan we made in England has worked so well. We have varied it in a couple of places but on the whole it’s gone superbly.

Here’s a screenshot of the last few days of our journey. The colour changes represent us entering a new State:

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