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Very soon it will be 10 years since I set off on the remarkable walka2b challenge.  This was an ≈ 2000 mile walk completed over 3.5 months in 2011 to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières.  The route took me from Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris to Geneva, along the Mediterranean coast to Barcelona. I was extremely lucky to have the company of my amazing friend Sara Donnison for the first 500 miles from Amsterdam to Paris.

Sara’s resilience, courage and sense of humour were incredible and they needed to be! We suffered Blisters, lost nails (and loss of the afore mentioned sense of humour) yet we carried on :


There was even a theme tune by my talented friend Jen Armstrong. Here is a sample:


There was beautiful scenery:

and beautiful people:

There was proof that ALL Dutch people wear clogs ALL THE TIME with zero exceptions:

This journey was a truly remarkable experience. Now, 10 years later it is slowly coming back to life as I write about the experience. Book 2 – it will be a long time in the making but may even get a more catchy title than ‘book 2’ in the end – who knows.


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