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I would like to thank everyone at the Wakefield Rotary Club for an amazing evening.

I am very sorry I dropped a beetroot slice on the pristine table cloth. I cannot be trusted !

After a very nice meal I gave my presentation which included : Who Doctors Without Borders are and where they work followed by my own mission experiences. I then spoke about the ongoing fundraising work and how it has raised over £105,000.

I was made to feel extremely welcome at the club. I would like to specifically thank Jonathan and Judy for chatting to me during the meal and making me feel comfortable.

Special thanks to Sheila for picking me up at the station, introducing me to the members and being frankly amazing . This lady makes a huge difference to people’s lives. She has been instrumental in the project to make robotic cat companions available to people with dementia. Take a look at this work HERE . Sheila even gave me a cat which I will provide to a good home back in Harrogate, if anyone has a relative with dementia that could benefit from this please contact me. (Details on the website andy4msf.com) .

All in all a magnificent evening. I am yet to count the donations but with cheques of £200 before the cash count it is going to be a lot!

Thank you again for your kindness, you are ace!

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