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I slept like a log in my caravan last night. This morning I was greeted with smiles and strong coffee by my lovely hosts Daniel and Nicole. I had to explain my freaky vegan ways as I was offered meat and cheese for breakfast. I heated up some self bagged (tins are heavy) beans and tucked in.

I left with good wishes and nice memories about 0900.

About 2 hours later I passed through a little village where I saw these roses. Their beauty made me smile and so they are today’s photo.

I listened to the end of an audio book as I walked today. It was a good story and a nice way to entertain myself. This said, the countryside and my own thoughts of what I am doing now and will do in the future keep me fully occupied.

I ate ice pops by a fountain in St Florentin, I then headed about 3km south east and am now camping in some woods by a canal tow path. I think I will be able to follow this canal all the way into Tonnerre tomorrows destination.

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