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A number of mosquito bites (including some intimate ones) accompanied me to my slumber last night. Through the sock – it’s too much. Anyway, I’m not one to fuss.

It rained in the night but was dry this am. I dried the tent off in a park so it would be nicer to store and pitch tonight.

I walked through Moret-sur-loing first thing where I took this photo. There was a big street Market going on and lots to see. I went to a cafe to watch the proceedings. Here I threw one coffee over the table and drank the next one. Cool – Miles Davis has nothing on me!

I walked past fields of green barley which looked like it was water as it blew in the wind.

I arrived in Vallery in the evening and Damien, a wonderfully helpful shop owner helped me find a place to camp. He spoke excellent English which is a bleedin miracle as he lived in Scotland! A Frenchman who says aye – wonderful.

On to Sens tomorrow. I need to get there. I need to launder my clothes. If I don’t, I think they will walk to Barca independently.

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