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A lovely sunset on what to me feels like the hottest day in 6 weeks. Roasting on the road.

Fortunately the walk to Sens was a bit shorter at 21 km than most other days. I was in by 1400 and finally laundering those stand alone clothes!

I had a coffee with the very kind Damien in Vallery this morning bright and early and headed off on my way for 0900. I was loving the sun and the music I was listening to. Minuet from string quartet in E maj- get her! Don’t worry I’ll be back with agadoo and the birdie song by the end of the week.

Sens is a nice looking place which I will be exploring and relaxing in tomorrow. I am looking over the route to Geneva. I reckon I can do this leg in 4 weeks. Having said this I also reckon I can sing and have a full head of hair so we will see.

I am in a cheap hotel tonight and under sustained ant attack. I guess it could be worse – ie wild dogs – still, it’s not ideal. Slightly ironic as when I slept in a tent in a field last night I had no wildlife issues. Maybe I’ll pitch the tent in the room. I’ll let you know if it comes to that.

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