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Day 63 

60 miles another State and a very kind gentleman. 

We left Triadelphia nice and early and set off in the direction of New Stanton. We knew this was going to be a tough day as we are taking a very rural route with zillions of hills. This is a very challenging but beautiful state. I guess every state has had something that we have had to over come be it heat , humidity, both, plus or minus hills and wind. 

We crossed the State line early on. We were in the geographically odd panhandle of West Virginia. But really we only touched on the state for a days ride. 

So here we are, State No 11:

We couldn’t be in the photo as I took it after a perilous trip across the interstate on foot to go to this welcome centre. I had no choice as I couldn’t navigate by the map that we had. I ran the gauntlet of  articulated lorries and speeding cars and returned to Tracey with new map and State line photo.

Onwards through rolling hills with a quick stop to clean and oil a squeaky chain:

We planned to stay on a camp site last night but after we left West Newton on the way to Madison we met Ray:

Ray has an interesting history :

He was born in Australia (was incidentally bitten by a shark at some point!) 

Moved to the USA when his family came here when he was 17.

He boxed professionally for a few years (he sparred with Roberto Duran). He served in the USAF and later became a policeman. 

He learned to fly, plays guitar and sings, owns a 44 Magnum (with a great laser sighting system) and tells a great and hilarious story!

He sang for us, made us dinner, took us for a ride in his classic Caddilac and then let us stay in his RV. 

Ray made our day, another amazing encounter.

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