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A few weeks ago I made my latest foolhardy decision in my quest to kill myself in the name of MSF.  I plan to run two Marathons, the first will be on 18 February 2012 at the Newburn Activity centre near Newcastle. Brian Fletcher one of the instructors at the centre contacted me with the idea of a Marathon and how could I say no – he is a very nice chap.

It seemed sensible in light of training to run one Marathon I should probably do two. The second is at Gambaru Fitness in Harrogate on 13th April 2012 .I am now training hard under the watchful eye of the inspirational Francesca Pardini. Fran and Jonathan Walker the owner of Gambaru have supported MSF via the walka2b project right from the start and their guidance is invaluable to me. Jonathan has raised over £10,000 himself for Yorkshire Cancer by running the New York Marathon please read his story HERE.

I am training each week with Fran and I have to say I have noticed a significant difference already. We looked at dietary issues as well as the gym work. Her approach to health and fitness is based on an in depth understanding of physiology, nutrition and body type. For more information about Fran’s work have a look HERE.

I am not going to be chasing people with sponsor forms for the Marathons. I have long ago exhausted the generosity of the good people I know and love. I am instead going to ask each of you to suggest to a friend who has not heard of MSF or walka2b that they read about both on the website and donate via the Justgiving link (cleverly marked DONATE on the site).

I will continue to work to raise money for MSF up until my next mission which I plan to be in 2013. Thank you all for your time and ongoing support for MSF. I would like to wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a wonderful 2012.

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