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Hot day today hence the melting road self publicity!

I left Caroline’s B&B this morning at 0900. I had a lovely stay there and would like to think I may get to revisit one day.

I rejoined the canal for a few more hours passing the beautiful house you see in the other photo. I also stopped and had a beer at the Argentenay lock where the keeper has made a brilliant collection of sculptures.

I also saw an Otter today. It was gone very quickly but I know I was lucky to see one at all.

I left the canal after a few hours and climbed up into Ancy le Franc which was a very attractive little place. I stopped for orange juice and to fill my water bottle – a perpetual concern.

I was thinking I’ll have to get a photo of me arriving in Geneva to post on the site. I need to select my photographer carefully ensuring they have at least a couple of disabilities. I learned the lesson of not giving your camera to an athletic looking youth in trainers when I was on the ships. This crew member did just that, the next thing the guy is off the blocks and away down the beach with his nice camera!

I’m now set up in the woods have eaten a lovely ravioli and tofu with bread and am going to read for a while. Heading to Montbard tomorrow.

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