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As Tracey and I head towards the start of our ‘Ride to the Rock’ in May, I would like to encourage corporate sponsors to get in touch.

Our current project has only been public since the 15th February and we have already had significant media interest locally:

Greatest Hits Radio 

Your Harrogate

Harrogate Advertiser

Stray Ferrett

We will be expanding this to regional outlets shortly, a BBC Radio interview is being planned – when Tracey and I can coordinate shifts.

We have had previous regional TV coverage and will be following up on this:

Please take a look over THIS FILE which tells the story of my missions, our fundraising, the impact of your donations, the benefits of supporting us and how our project has been covered in the media and recognised with awards.

You can be a part of this successful project, you can help the most vulnerable people on the planet. There are no downsides.

Please get in touch


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