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Today, my friend Andy Masters is staying awake for 24 hours playing video games. This is not normal behaviour- especially for someone who is in many (not all) respects a balanced human being. Why would Andy do this? He is doing this for the same reason as people have baked, brewed, danced, run, performed musically, murder mystery(d), painted and taken their clothes off to music. A desire to help others using the talents that they possess.

It is a privilege for me to know so many people who wish to positively change the lives of others. I have been fundraising for Doctors Without Borders for 11 years and if I had to highlight one thing that has made this award winning project a success it is my friends. Without you, I would have been flailing around for ideas and unable to run events of any value.

Today I thank Andy, every day I thank my luck for my knowing such kind people.

Soon, I will be announcing a very big plan that is once again dependent on the kindness of others.

Catch up with Andy’s gaming challenge here : https://youtube.com/user/andymasters71

you can donate to his fundraiser here : https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/andrew-masters6


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