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Ishmail's Discharge 32 2014-12-08 - Version 2
This is the lovely moment when Ishmael was discharged cured from the Ebola Management Centre. I had a long chat with him to ask if he would be happy for me to share his photograph online.

His smile lit up the Convalescence area and he definitely had the best hair in the EMC. I took his blood in the morning and by lunch time we had the result back from the lab and that was him cleared and cured.

After a shower, new set of clothes and a final foot spray with Chlorine, Ishmael stepped out of MSF’s Kailahun EMC and took the first steps of the rest of his life. He came to us on 29th November and 9 days later he is cured.

Yes there is tragedy here, most days in fact but things are rapidly improving in this particular area. The successes need to be celebrated and need to be held onto.

Sadly the same cannot be said for the West of the country and MSFs demand for a more robust response from the somewhat lethargic yet rhetoric rich “global community” needs to be heard and acted upon.

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