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Sebit trying Plumpynut 3 Sebit 2 weeks after the first photo



Right here you can see why I work with MSF and why this project is so important. It is the same boy in both pictures, his name is Sebit. He came to us on 2nd July with severe malnutrition.You may remember  I posted a photo of him trying PlumpyNut for the first time as he entered the Transition Phase of support……now look at him.


Sebit means a lot to me as he was the first seriously malnourished child I looked after. I was very worried about him in the first few days. Now I can relax a bit and enjoy watching him get chubby! I might have a bit of a chat to him tomorrow mind, he isn’t exactly getting into the whole celebrating his recovery thing by the face on him. Mardy Sebit, thats all I need.


As I am sure you can tell, all is going well here, I continue to be impressed with the staff at the TFC, they are a great bunch of people. We had a big staff meeting today and I expected a slaughtering after I had just printed the first Roster for them. Instead I had a lot of understanding and cooperation. I think they actually felt a bit sorry for me.


Anyway, I will leave it there, I just though you may appreciate the update on my main man Sebit.


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