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So there we are. The 2016 Trans America  bike ride for MSF is now called “Bike Without Borders“. Thank you to everyone who got involved either by suggesting a name or voting. It is fitting that the people who have raised and given the money to Doctors Without Borders choose the name.

Things are moving along nicely now with route planning, I have 3/4 of the route clear on one of my maps , the end bit into NY will be sorted shortly.

So now it has a name. Is anyone out there in the land of design up for helping with a logo? I need something fairly straightforward but it needs to be memorable and eye-catching . The full title of the project is quite long so our already used Burlesque Without Borders abbreviation may have to have to be borrowed a little . Im sure context will make it clear. I am confident no-one will be expecting me to cycle across the USA in a Basque and Pasties (well maybe one or two of my friends). I’m damn sure that come November the Manhattan Club crowd will notice if they just get 4 hours of me on a bike!

Thanks for any help that you can come up with.

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