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One year ago yesterday I travelled to Newcastle before sailing to Amsterdam to start the walk to Barcelona. It was total coincidence that the Gambaru Marathon took place on that anniversary. It is however fitting that two huge challenges take place exactly a year apart.

I first went to Gambaru in the rotten winter of 2010 when I was finding it hard to train because of the snow. I have been training there ever since. It has however been a lot more to me than just a place to exercise. Jonathan Walker and Francesca Pardini are two incredibly inspiring and positive people. Their advice and guidance has been totally invaluable since the day I met them. When I spoke to Jonathan about the idea of doing a treadmill Marathon there was no hesitation he (foolishly!!!) agreed immediately. So, yesterday after a lot of training we set off.

26 miles 385 yards and 4hours 15 mins later I hobbled in – about 30 minutes or so after Jonathan though I am convinced he only did a half Marathon!

With tremendous support from the Staff, gym members, friends (special personal thanks to Yvonne and Karen) and kind donors we  raised an incredible £540.60p.

Once again I would say a huge thank you to everyone at Gambaru. If you want to make a positive difference to your life , this is a great place to start. Just talk to Jonathan or Francesca – you will see what I mean.



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