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Harrogate Advertiser 1 Jan 15

Harrogate Advertiser 1 Jan 15 1

Thank you very much to Laura Hill from the Harrogate Advertiser for her article about my mission to Sierra Leone. Laura was clearly very interested in the plight of the people in Kailahun when we spoke and I am very grateful to her for the story.

The main thing with this is that the subject remains topical and isn’t allowed to drift out of the spotlight until the last patient is cured. I am realistic enough to know that this is not going to happen and that over time less and less information will be forthcoming. This makes it imperative that returning staff try to keep people informed of events.

Please have a look over the article if you get chance. Click HERE to see the online version.

Thanks very much and a very happy 2015 to everyone.

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