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Huge thank you to Anne-Marie Payne Team Leader at North Yorkshire County Council’s Technology & Change Service. Anne-Marie her colleague, Janet Utley, and people from all over the council’s Technology and Change department have donated £272.55 to Doctors Without Borders.

They ran a ‘name the bears mum’ (which I guess involved the soft cuddly bear in the photo as opposed to the parent of a vicious carnivore). They also carried out a highly successful raffle. 

Not only did these kind people donate the money raised to Médecins Sans Frontières (suggested by the wonderful Karen Thornton), they also took other donated gifts to charity shops that were helping with the ongoing crisis in Syria. 

Anne-Marie and her lovely colleagues were motivated to action by the tragedy that continues to unfold in Syria. Like most of us I’m sure that they felt huge frustration at not being able to stop the suffering. They decided however not to remain powerless to influence the situation. They raised money that will help save lives. You can see below how money is used by Médecins Sans Frontières. Everything counts, there are no small donations. 

Thank you to all involved in this kind and caring fundraiser. 


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