Thank you : Harrogate Society of Lady Golf Captains

Huge thanks to the Harrrogate Society of Lady Golf Captains for an incredible donation of £1,886. This money was paid to Doctors Without Borders  on Friday and will change many lives.

At the centre of this fundraising was Mrs Karen Leake who is the President of the HSLGC. Karen made Doctors Without Borders  the chosen charity for the Society in 2019 which was an incredibly kind thing to do. I spoke to the Society members towards the end of October,  After this presentation, Karen told me she is happy for the sum raised to be added to the ongoing fundraiser that we have been running for nearly 10 years now.

I cannot overstate how grateful I am for such a donation and I would like to thank all at the Society for their generosity.


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  1. Dear Andy – I have a favour to ask – I want to get hold of my old friend Karen Leake who I saw today walking and I didnt get her number. Please could you ask her to email me/ phone me – [email protected] 07465 241899. By the way what you are doing here is fantastic – how is it all going with covid etc? Nicky

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