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I would like to say a big thank you to all at the Govan Rotary Club who listened to my presentation about Médecins Sans Frontières  / Doctors Without Borders  yesterday. A special thank you to George Wills, George and I ran through a few rehearsals as this was the first time I have used Zoom in anger. It went very well with only one or two very minor technical hiccups at the beginning. It is very odd to not be able to connect in the normal way when talking to a group of people but I guess this is all part of the ongoing adaption to the ‘new normal’.

If anyone is interested in hearing about my experiences in the field with Doctors Without Borders  I would be very pleased to work with you to arrange a talk. My presentations are done partly to help get the word out about this incredible organisation and partly to raise money to help keep them working.

Contact via Facebook, Twitter: @andy4msf  or E : [email protected]



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