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This is the toughest blog post that I have ever written and I know I will read it later and feel it hasn’t done justice to the occasion.

On 12th April 2010 at 23:45 hrs I wrote this very first blog:

“I have been on holiday this last week and the weather seems to have known I needed a break. I have been out running every day and feel extremely motivated. I hit £100 on the donations site today . I am amazed as it has only been running a few days. The responsibility not to let people down is starting to appear but this is a good thing as it will spur me on. I am planning a talk at the hospital on 4th May 2010 and am in the process of contacting people about that and trying to make sure I am not the only one there. These posts will remain short (and dry) for a while until I get the idea of writing to no-one in particular. This will however be comedy central soon . Andy”

Last week, Tracey and I gave a presentation to the wonderful staff at Lights4Fun in Harrogate.

Today this amazing company donated £7,500 which took the grand total just over the £100,000 target – 9 years and 3 months work.

I am experiencing a confusing jumble of emotions right now,  as I think about all that has happened and all of the amazing dedicated and caring people that have made it happen. In 9 years I have been on missions to Africa, walked 2000 miles, cycled 4000 miles, co-written a book, met my dear Tracey, lost much loved friends and seen countless acts of kindness.

There have been 972 online donations but countless off-line donations through events organised by my wonderful friends. There have been:


Burlesque nights

Cabaret nights

Talent nights

Metal Nights

Tea and Coffee Sales

Murder Mysteries

Music events

Sponsored Shaves


Dress Andy in stupid clothes weeks

Dance Classes

Static Bike Challenges – 200 miles +

Half Marathons

Full Marathons

Comic Cons

Jumble Sales and much, much more.

One person doesn’t do these things, one person asks dozens of people to do them and watches as those people excel due to their kindness and compassion and their desire to help others and not accept the status quo.

I am a better person for having worked with and been inspired by Médecins Sans Frontières  / Doctors Without Borders, more, I am the person I am for knowing you and being truly inspired by the people that you are.

Thank you to Lights4Fun for this incredible donation and thank you to all of you who have made this project a success.




I would like to dedicate this post to my Mum &  Dad. Thank you both for everything.

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