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What a magnificent couple of days in Newcastle. Yesterday, I gave my presentation to the Friends of MSF. There was about 30 very enthusiastic and interested people present and I am very grateful to them for giving up the early part of their Friday night to come and see me.

Today, I joined 7 others at the Newburn Activity Centre to run a Marathon. The wonderful Brian Fletcher arranged the event and did a great job of it. I ran the distance , Brian and my great friend Sara did it on the Cross Trainer and the other guys cycled it. A wonderful effort from all concerned to raise money for MSF. I can only really report from my perspective how hard I found the challenge. A few things seemed to go wrong today and I don’t know why. I ran 30km in training in 3 hours at Gambaru and felt fine. Today I was feeling awful even by 10km which I can’t explain. Anyway I ran the whole distance , it took 5hrs 15 or so and did nearly kill me but its done and Im very proud.

I will be back at Gambaru for the second run on the 13th April and appreciate any financial or spiritual support you can offer.

Thank you once again to everyone who took part.

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