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29 km today on a beautiful sunny day. No rain in the 3 weeks we have been here. The farmers must be getting very concerned now. The fields are as dry as bones. The crops look healthy at the moment but can’t last long without water.

We left St Quentin this morning and headed for Ham. We passed through the town of Saurcourt le Grand. Here we followed the sign to the Commonwealth war cemetery. 1358 British and 2 Canadians are buried here. It was an incredibly moving place to visit. Grave stones for boys of 18 who served in long since disbanded or amalgamated regiments such as the Machine Gun Corps. It was tragic in the extreme and it happened in these fields. The Commonwealth war graves commission do an amazing job (you’re right Steve), the cemetery was immaculate as it should be.

We were in reflective mood for the rest of the walk into Ham. We met a lovely family in Pithon who gave us a bottle of water and were so friendly.

The municipal camping site was our goal today but it was a total pig stye with seemingly wild dogs running about all over the place and equally wild looking humans loitering around without shirts on, scratching.

We walked back into town and are now ensconced at the Hotel de France. I cooked our meal in the room (no heat detectors) and that’s us for the day. A good but very thought provoking one.

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