St Quentin and aaaaaargh snails!


Good lord! You don’t get these babies in the freezer section at Morrisons – least ways not the Starbeck one anyway.

A day in foot resting sandals- relaxing, enjoying food and beer (a nice bottle of wine awaits us later).

St Quentin has come at a great time for both of us really. My feet needed 24 hrs rest – don’t worry I won’t post any foot photos. Sara needed a shoulder rest and we both needed some time off the road.

Back into it tomorrow which is fine. It’s been hot & sunny today but I think a change is coming up.

I continue to grow in confidence (if not ability) with the French. So now I can confidently get the wrong thing – great success!

On to Ham tomorrow the ideal destination for a vegan and a vegetarian.

We spent a long time today looking ahead and booking accommodation at camp sites and hotels. Once again this is only possible because of Premier Telecoms support for walka2b.

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