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Today has been remarkable. I am worn out and aching but in complete awe of the places I have walked through. It took me 9 hours to get here. This was entirely due to the hills. But what hills! You can see the terrain I was walking in the photo, the other pic is a rather scary mountain tunnel. This was on the “prohibited” road section of the walk. This was easily the best section of the day with the stunning view you can see. The tunnel was about 100 metres long, silent except for water drips and the echo of my steps. I was happy to exit it.

It was roasting hot and the climbs were mad. I cooled off under a natural shower dripping over a cliff edge. It was lovely.

Coming into Grenoble was a relief after a long day , the city looks interesting and is quite big, more so than I imagined.

Anyway, I’m going for food and to try to find some of the music festival locations.

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