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1020 meters elevation at the highest point today and I felt every bleedin’ meter. I left St Claude with great memories thanks to Genevieve and her family. They had not only treated me wonderfully but also offered some very useful advice on the route.

Chemin des Moines is a very direct route towards La Joux. I was also warned (very accurately) that it was extremely steep. With backpack it took me about 2 hours to get to the top. I was walking 50m at a time then resting, it was the only way.

My Lt achilles didn’t like the party and moaned for the rest of the day but it’ll get used to it.

I made it to Septmoncel on the B side of the mountain and then a fairly easy walk into La Joux. The Black Keys provided a motivating soundtrack for the hills but I enjoyed the birds singing once I was off the climbing section.

I am pretty worn out tonight and will be in the sack early. I have a hilly 27km into Gex tomorrow.

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