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A few years ago I was in Hull at the offices of Ansell (our stage 1 sponsor on Ride to the Rock). I gave a talk about MSF and our fundraising work. At this event I met Helen Gill who worked in Ansells marketing team at the time.

Helen has since set up her own successful marketing company HelloU.

I am incredibly grateful to Helen who saw the value in what MSF do and the significance of raising money to facilitate their work.

Despite her extremely heavy workload, Helen has made time to take on Ride to the Rock as a project and has made it a huge success.

She designed the logo you see on our shirts (below), Helen made flyers which were kindly printed by Sid Horner & Sons (Knaresbrough) . She made a story PDF to send to potential corporate sponsors, she helped me sort the logos out for t-shirt printing by HA Garment Printing (Knaresbrough). At every stage , Helen has guided and supported me. She has shown absolutely incredible patience and has taken on way more than could be reasonably expected.

I absolutely recommend you contact Helen if you wish to grow your business. Moreover, get in touch with her if you want to deal directly with someone who will work WITH you, will LISTEN to you and advise you clearly and honestly.

Some of the services HelloU offers include;

➡️ Business Planning

➡️ Branding 

➡️ Digital Marketing

➡️ Social Media Management

➡️ Digtial Content Creation

➡️ Digital Education

They work with;

➡️ Small business owners

➡️ Schools & MATs

➡️ Charities / Fundraisers

➡️ Creatives / Art Galleries

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Email on : [email protected]

Call on : 07958 449041

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