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Day 7

32 miles (setting off at about 1300)

We returned from Yosemite (nearby Lee Vining) to South Lake Tahoe, dropped the car off and picked up the bikes from ‘Over the Edge’. Sam Kindly gave us  a tip re the ride to Carson City . I had planned to take highway 50 along the lake but he was telling me this involves a lot of ups and downs. Instead we took a route that involved one immense climb and was then fairly flat. I thought that after 2 days rest I would be strong but I really struggled today. Tracey was very kind and helped me keep going . We reverted to our system of setting short targets to achieve, reaching them and then resetting the goal. Its laborious but it gets us up these hills.

After 20 miles we made it to Genoa. This is the oldest settlement in Nevada and has one of the coolest (I am definitely becoming Americanised) bars I have ever visited. The Genoa Saloon dates back to 1850 and I don’t think its been dusted since. We met some lovely and friendly people her including Donny and Laurel that you see on my right below:


I am not sure that a pint of IPA is  not in the elite cyclists training manual but it was great for me. Tracey and I were sad to leave but we needed to press on to Carson City. We arrived there about 1900 and found a place to stay. We were set to camp but instead checked into a cheap motel as we needed to dry some kit (condensation in the tent) and fancied a paper bed. I am now going to lie in it as its 2350. Onwards to Silver Springs tomorrow and we will post as and when connections allow.


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