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I always add a photo or a logo to my posts because thats what you do to catch the eye. Today I really dont know which photo to add and my logo or indeed MSF’s seems somehow inappropriate. This is a very brief message about kindness and caring.

I want to thank two people , Jenny who runs ‘Books for all’ on commercial street and a lovely lady in a bank in Harrogate. I won’t name her or the bank as corporates have a funny way of behaving and can grief people for all sorts of things that others would deem commendable.

Jenny has had a collection tin for Doctors Without Borders in the shop for a few months. People have dropped change into this box over that time. When I added up the contents it came to £12.34 (sorry jenny I undercounted when I messaged you) .  This = >20 measles vaccines.

Later, I went to pay this money in at the bank. I saw a lady whom I have chatted to many times over the years. We talked about a few things – MSF events, presentations and the economy (keeping it light). I then paid the money in to my account so I could forward it to MSF. When I looked at the paying in slip it was £32.34p. She had added £20 of her own to the donation. despite everything , I love people.

Here is a photo, it should catch the eye, this story should touch the heart.

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