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Every now and then, we meet someone who inspires us, someone whose enthusiasm and passion are at the next level. This happened to me recently when I met a wonderful lady called Barbara Priest and her husband, Alan.

Barbara has been a fundraiser for a significant time now. She is driven solely by the desire to help her fellow man.

Barbara contacted me through the MSF office in London, offering the opportunity to be present at Simon Reeve’s talk at the Royal Hall in Harrogate. As you may know, Simon is an author, journalist, adventurer, documentary filmmaker, and TV presenter. He has travelled the world, visiting conflict zones, political hotspots, and beautiful / extremely remote remote areas. I am pleased to say that Simon also appreciates the work of Médecins Sans Frontières.

We arrived at the Harrogate Royal Hall on a cold Friday night, set our table, and waited for the audience. When the doors opened, the generosity was flabbergasting. At one point, people were queuing to donate.

At the start of his presentation, Simon kindly asked people to donate to MSF and expressed his appreciation for the organisation. Post-event, he met up with us and was extremely pleasant.

His show is superb. I enjoyed hearing about his travels and adventures worldwide and his passion for this beautiful planet.

Over £1000 was donated to Doctors Without Borders on the evening.

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