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It was a stormy night last night. The rain started about 1930 followed by thunder and lightening. I was fine in the tent however. The only problem I’m getting with it is condensation on the inside of the fly. I’m venting it as much as possible but it can get to the point of dripping onto the inner. I write this in the hope that someone may have a genius idea. I suspect I am more likely to be deluged (!) with smart arseness from my friends. Arseness is a new word by the way and I will be copyrighting it.

I am on a plateau at the moment leading to the jura mountains. I am a couple of days from Lons le Saunier where I have some serious planning to do. I need to work out the route into Geneva. this is pretty tricky on foot as it means following a lot of interconnecting footpaths. I will sort it out but need to access some more detailed maps.

Pierre de Bresse is a rather attractive place with a lovely 17th century chateau over the road from my hotel. I went over to look at some deer that are in the grounds. I then found some friendly donkeys and chatted to them for a while.

After last nights storm it is a beautiful evening the sun is just creeping down to the west and all is well.

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