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So today has been spent looking at maps, route planning and re-planning and then drinking coffee.

I spent a long time in a bar but only drinking orange juice while I tapped away on the computer. As I expected there are no Internet cafes here. They have gone the same way as the ones in the UK. Now everyone is on their phones it further emphasises the importance of the help I’m getting from Premier Telecom. The blog would be sporadic at best without it.

I continue to muddle my way through in French though I suspect the damage I am inflicting on the French psyche is worse than anything Wellington ever managed. Even I think it sounds plain nasty. A lovely waitress humoured me superbly this evening. She was very nice. I have developed a taste for sorbet and she helped me choose.

So onwards tomorrow, a night or 2 back in the woods will sort me out. No waitresses or sorbet there sadly.

I’ve enjoyed Sens and am clear on my next week or so of walking – a good feeling.

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