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I have had a lovely day today, I flew through 27km and felt great all the way. My walking shoes have worn through now so I’ll soon have to wear boots all the time. This is fine I just hope the foot probs don’t return.

As I walked through the beautiful Foret d’ Othe I came across 3 wild boar. I think it was a mother and 2 little ones. They ran away when they saw me but it was fantastic to spot them. 100 yards down the road a deer ran out. My lucky day.

I sat at some crossroads at about 1330. These are very quiet rural roads. It was so nice sitting in the shade listening to the birds sing. I really feel very fortunate.

I made it into Villechetive with the plan to camp in the woods east of the village. As I walked through I saw a sign offering rooms. I thought I’d just ask how much they were on the off chance. All the rooms were taken but I was offered the caravan in the grounds. It’s great, very comfy, great price and on the road I head out on in the morning. The owner let me cook my tea in the house and gave me some whiskey while I did it.

Life is good.

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