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A great start to Saturday, sponsored beard shave at Tommy’s Barber Shop in Knaresbrough.

My lovely beard was trimmed off with clippers before a very relaxing (at first mildly worrying) steaming of my face followed by a hot towel. Following this, the cutthroat razor appeared and like a fine surgeon (minus objectionable character flaws) Tommy did his magic. 

I lament the loss of the beard as it has been a part of my identity for 12 years. It was however a fantastic experience that has raised a lot of money for Doctors Without Borders. Tommy is a true professional as well as a very nice bloke. 

So, I have vowed to shave every day for the next week. You are welcome to caress my face if you see me around. Let’s say 50p per fondle (I never claimed to be anything but cheap!) 

Please donate via Tracey’s JustGiving site as this was her plan. You can link to it HERE 

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