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Yesterday evening in the lovely Yorkshire town of Knaresbrough a heinous crime took place – my acting! 

The setting was in fact 1920’s Chicago, the crime – murder. 

For the last few weeks, Tracey and a wonderful group of friends have worked extremely hard planning ‘Murder at the Speak Easy’. This was a murder mystery night run at the fabulous Scarlett’s Vintage Tea Rooms, Knaresbrough. 

An awful lot of work went into making this night happen. We enjoyed soup and very tasty vegan chilli to start the night. This was washed down with tea. There was definitely no alcohol there as this is 1920’s Chicago and prohibition is in full swing. This was rather odd as I have never seen tea decanted under the table before. Nor have I met tea drinkers who had slurred speech towards the end of the night!

The gruesome murder was discovered about 1930hrs. After this the five actors were grilled by the attendees and various clues were offered. 

At the end of the night each of the teams offered a solution to the crime and suggested a perp. I am pleased to say that I, as the killer got away with it (likely to be due to my failure to give any useful information).

The night was a great deal of fun as seemed to have been enjoyed by all. 

May I take the opportunity to thank a few people who worked to make it a success. 

Most of all, thank you Tracey who came up with the idea and worked tirelessly on the planning. This was your night. 

Thank you to Bex & Steve for working on the script and acting too. Thank you Katie who acted, supported this and the beard off earlier and did tons of other things besides. Thank you Mark and Nigel – there are Oscars coming your way. Deb from Bad Co Brewery for donating some amazing ‘tea’. 

Thank you to Sarah and Hayley of Scarlett’s for letting us use this beautiful venue, for cooking, for making the drinks, for clearing up in fact for being bloody amazing! 

Finally, thank you to everyone who came along and made the night a huge success. With this and the beard shave over £700 has been raised for Médecins Sans Frontières. If you would like to add to this total please donate HERE

You are incredible! 

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