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Dear me, I’m falling apart here! I really don’t know how I feel about all this anymore. I’m dreading the end of the walk but also can’t wait to finish.

I am struggling to fully appreciate that tomorrow I will walk the last 25km and that’s it. I’ll miss it. The freedom,the space, the people, the time. Time .

Today has been a relaxing days walk. I started early, was out of Sant Celoni by 0730. In Llinars del Valles a very kind Andy – from Boston originally helped me find a road when I was stuck. Thanks mate, I appreciated the help.

I have had loads of friendly waves from cyclists and even drivers.

I have passed many more plastic chairs in lay-by’s with scantily clad birds waiting on them. Some even have a parasol. They don’t seem to see me as potential business. This is either due to my lack of car or because they thought me too hideous even for money. What they didn’t reckon on is that a.I have a tent & b.I have a buff scarf that can fashion into a balaclava. Whose laughing now?

So I shall leave Argentona tomorrow very early as I want to be at the office for about 1500 to say hello and in a bar for 1502.

The blog will continue after the walk as I will use it to let you know about further events and plans. If you sign up on the blog site you get a notification when I add an entry. A Burlesque Without Borders 3 maybe on the cards if I can bribe a certain Ms LaBelle.

I will also be rewriting my presentation once the walk is complete and will be happy to talk to anyone who will listen about MSF and walka2b.

Just let me know if you have a club or society etc that is in dire need of a slitty eyed balding bloke who can talk about roadside prostitution in France and Spain.

Sit back and wait for the call Andy!

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