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A nice walk into Perpignan. Not a lot to tell about the walk but Perpignan has been fun. It’s full of these interesting little streets with lots of galleries and such.

It would be a shame if something mildly ridiculous didn’t happen and here is today’s event – I went for a haircut, I was sat in the barbers when 2 drunk guys stagger in. One goes for the hair gel, slicks back his hair then grabs a brush and as he runs out of the barbers he was brushing his gelled locks. The barber just left the room leaving a customer in the chair with a drunk falling all over him and me taking in the proceedings.

My haircut went well though it seems to take less and less time these days!

Thank you to everyone for the fantastic messages on the blog, FB , twitter and my emails. I really appreciate it. I’m a bit pushed at the mo and may not get back directly in response. Please don’t think I’m not grateful.

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