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Day 30

59 miles gratefully received downhill

Leaving Salida this morning at about 0630 we knew we had about 60 miles to cycle. Fortunately the first 40 miles were pretty much flat or downhill. We passed through some lovely valleys following the Arkansas River.

Now we have dropped altitude it is hot hot hot : mid 30’s C. There is a breeze which helps but it remains a roasting day. We planned to make Pueblo this evening and have a couple of nights there to relax and recover from 14 days of cycling since Cedar City. It seems much longer and we miss our friends Vicki and Rory. However we stopped in Canon City for lunch having done 59 miles and decided to leave it there for the day. We plan to cruise into Purblo (30 miles) tomorrow very early. 

We have had a nice relaxing afternoon at the motel and some tasty Mexican food. Last day with Mike tomorrow which makes us both sad. He is a genuinely Lovely guy and has been great company. We will both miss him a lot. We plan a nice night out in Pueblo to say goodbye tomorrow. 

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