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Aix Les Bain is rather a nice place even in the rain. It is quite like Harrogate in that it is a spa town. Also like Harrogate there is a statue of queen Vic. I was rather surprised to see a Union flag flying in France and next to it a statue of VR.

The walk from Rumilly was fine, I am listening to 1984 on my iPod as I walk. I’m also reading a book about Stalingrad at the mo. Maybe I’ll play a couple of Leonard Cohen tracks and jump off an Alp!!!

The weather has definitely turned and is a little grim at the moment.

I had my second haircut of the trip today. It went well until the mirror bit at the end for the back. You know, I definitely think it’s thinning back there.

I’m in a very cheap but perfectly adequate hotel in the centre. I have just cooked my tea on the balcony. It saves a fortune not eating in restaurants.

The picture is from the lovely art deco thermal baths building. The tourist office is situated there now. I found out that I’m a week early for a burlesque night at the casino which is a shame. I could have offered to cover for any no shows – hmmmm think on girls!

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