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It has once again been my absolute pleasure to travel to Hull to see my friends at Ansell and to give my presentation to the Friends of MSF at the University.

It was a nice journey with some quite beautiful views of the countryside between York and Hull. There are still a lot of flooded fields and the impact of the recent storms remains clear.

I met my friend Paul from Ansell at the station and we put the world to rights (if only). I was then given a guided tour of the amazing new office / lab complex near Cottingham. Dr Luke Savory is the principle chemist in the lab and can be seen above next to some very complicated equipment that is used for investigating how to adjust the time space continuum in order to facilitate inter dimensional transference (probably). Ask Luke!

The other photo is a time / space dimensional travel suit but Paul tried to tell me it is a high grade chemical protection suit being integrity pressure tested.

I had a great time anyway and then Paul kindly took me back to the station. I leave once again with fond memories of kind, professional people working towards keeping the likes of me and my colleagues safe.

I was picked up at 1700 by Hannah and Molly who kindly gave me a lift to the University to talk to the Friends of MSF about my experiences.

I was made very welcome at the uni and enjoyed talking to a keen and motivated group of young people (that makes me sound ancient) .

I really do enjoy talking to the FoMSF , they are the future of the organisation and I always feel inspired having spent time with them.

I am now on my way home to Tracey, I am tired but have had a wonderful day . I have in fact had a wonderful week. Money raised – about £500, future events planned x3 , friends caught up with and new ones made. Once again, I am a lucky man.

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