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Day 64

59 Miles

We had a great nights sleep in Ray’s RV (camper van). We got up at 0530 and shouted Ray to wake him up as planned last night. He came straight downstairs and made us breakfast which was so lovely of him. 

We had to tear ourselves away from Ray’s company at 0800 as we needed to be out and making progress. We cycled to Madison where we met a couple of guys who really helped us find a route to Greensburg. 

Once we made it to Greensburg we planned to get onto highway 22 and cycle to Ebensburg. We stopped at a petrol station for a snack where we met two cyclists, both called Paul. They changed our day for the better as they told us about a cycle trail that comes off the 22 and goes to Ebensburg. It is called the Ghost Town Trail and follows an old rail road line. On one side there is a river and interspersed on the other are foundations and collapsed walls of long deserted communities. This was a mining area but as the mines closed the people moved on. 

The Pauls:

Diner on 22:

The trail was fantastic for us, easy cycling, no traffic and no navigational issues. We saw rabbits, deer including a stag and three snakes. We made it to Vitondale before we started to lose the light so we had a beer at the fire department bar then pitched our tent in a park and settled down for the night.

Ghost Town Trail

Snake on the trail

And this fellow 

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