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Update to the time for the BBC Radio 5 Live interview, I will be on at about 1640 (4:40pm) to talk about Ebola. It is essentially giving context to the newly diagnosed case being repatriated from Sierra Leone.

Talking on the Radio will be an interesting experience of course but my mind goes back to when I was unwell near New Year whilst on my monitoring period. I remember being taken to Leeds in a speeding ambulance at 0300hrs in the morning with Police escort. My main thought was actually about what I had seen in in SL . Ambulances travelling 6-8 hours with 7-8 people in them, some of whom died en route. I felt very lucky to have recieved the treatment I was given.

I know that the service personnel will receive exactly what they deserve which is first class care. I hope that the confirmed case makes a full recovery. I also hope that the world doesn’t forget all of the people in West Africa who are suffering. Nor should we forget the amazing National Staff who work with organisations such as Doctors Without Borders caring for their friends, colleagues and loved ones as they suffer and die of Ebola.

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