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Day 33

60 miles flat as a ……

A very easy 60 mile ride (I would never have thought there was such a thing) from Pueblo to Ordway. The looming threat of a storm hung over us all the way and indeed remains tonight. The day was hot and humid. 

The tricky part of the ride was getting out of Pueblo. We covered the best part of 8 miles before we were fully out of the city. It was both good and bad to leave. Bad because it was a nice city and we enjoyed its facilities but good to leave as we needed to get back on the route. It was hard not having Mike with us and we talked about him a lot as we cycled east. 

The day passed rapidly and we made excellent progress on the flat. We soon arrived in Olney Springs. Here we visited the recently opened shop run by John who you see in the first photo. We arrived at the shop thirsty and ready for a break. John was instantly friendly, kind and full of enthusiasm to help us. I would highly recommend this place to any tired cyclists that need a break on the way from or to Pueblo. 

After 3/4 hour we said goodbye and set out to ride the remaining 11 miles to Ordway. 

On arrival we asked in the town where Gillian lived (instructions to do so on our American Adventure Cycling Association map) and were directed to the bottom of Main St . Gillian kindly opens her home up to cyclists the only fee being the completion of a small job. For us, the task was to trim some bushed and trees back. We actually quite enjoyed it.

After this we rode into town with another cyclist called Jerry who is heading in the opposite direction to us. We went for a quick beer before returning to Gillian’s. 

So that was today, an easy ride, a pending storm and a spot of gardening . 

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