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Day 26

48 hilly but beautiful miles

It is truly remarkable that just three days ago in Dove Creek it was still super hot, sparse vegetation and not a tree in sight. Here we are in Placerville having ridden just two days through Colorado. We are surrounded by huge conifers, beautiful mountains and rivers. We have even had rain and hailstones today. 

The ride was tough but I was having a definite off day and really struggled with the effort. Mike and Tracey understood and didn’t let me lag too far back. I still felt like a bit of a dead weight to the team. 

We climbed to 10,222 to crest Lizard Head Pass before a nice decent towards Sawpit and Placerville. We briefly considered pressing on to a town called Ridgeway and a motel but in the end we decided we wanted to live! We therefore called it a day in Placerville. We are now in a park waiting for people to leave surrounding buildings and then we will pitch our tents. There is a definite risk that a passing police patrol could be mean and make us move on but I think it’s unlikely. 

Tracey is writing a draft of her blog, Mike is sleeping on a bench (the vagrant) and I’m enjoying a beer wrapped up in a plastic bag, yes we are at that stage now. 

On to Cimarron tomorrow. We continue to hit all of our planned stops and I am very proud of the plan we made, it has served us well. On a personal note I hope to perform better tomorrow, everyone can have an off day I guess. 

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