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Last Friday, Tracey and I had the immense privilege of presenting my MSF fieldwork and our fundraising efforts to the U3A (University of the Third Age) Harrogate.

Over 150 people came to the talk; they were fantastically engaged and extremely generous in donating a total of £756.67p.

The event was initiated by my great friend Ralph and organised by Steve Hutchison of U3A.

I spoke for an hour with the focus on our fundraising exploits—the walk from Amsterdam to Barcelona, The Trans-USA bike ride, and most recently, our Ride to the Rock project—cycling from Amsterdam to Gibraltar. Wildlife encounters, ‘exciting’ weather, undesirable camping and freezing cold lakes were some highlights.

The talk prompted a very positive review from Steve Hutchison:

“Andy spoke to the Harrogate U3A Open Meeting in March 2024, outlining MSF’s work and sharing his fundraising adventures. He kept an audience of 150 Yorkshire pensioners entranced for an hour. We were in awe of MSF’s work and thoroughly enjoyed the tales and photos of his travels, told with humour in a lovely self-deprecating style. His passion and commitment shone through.

It was a very worthwhile session, and the generous donations at the end confirmed the audience’s appreciation”.

Dr Stephen J Hutchison

Retired Consultant Cardiologist, Harrogate U3A committee

Please see the testimonials page on my website for an idea of my worth as a speaker. If you are part of a group and would like me to attend, please drop me a line. 





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